Three Surprising Uses for Infused Olive Oil

Three Surprising Uses for Infused Olive Oil

There are plenty of uses for infused olive oil besides the usual canned advice that you hear at the store. “Use it for a marinade on your steak or chicken” or “Make salad dressing” are heard over and over. Here is three other surprising uses for this wonderful ingredient.


  1. As a condiment


When thought of as a condiment, infused olive oil can change the way you eat. The oil goes great served over dishes and adds just the right amount of extra flavor.

  • Try drizzling your oil over a delicious pizza or per slice prior to serving.
  • Spread some oil over flatbreads or incorporate into the sandwiches of your choice.
  • Serve it on the side with avocado toast, eggs, or even a bagel for a delicious breakfast


  1. Use it to flavor and garnish dishes


Often times a dish can be nearly perfect but require a little extra oomph to make it perfect. Many chefs and home cooks alike have found the usefulness and versatility that infused oils can have on a dish. Even classic pasta dishes can benefit from a pop of flavor. The best part is it can be increased or decreased for more or less flavor.


  1. Use it for desserts


Combined with balsamic vinegar, you can have a huge arsenal of delicious alternatives to your standard ultra sweet dessert that most restaurants serve. Some fruit infused flavoring in the oil can add a tangy and sweet flavor to creamy cheeses and more savory dessert dishes. The balsamic vinegar goes well at tempering the sweetness found in dense cakes and fruit dishes. Stir some into a fruit parfait for a savory and sweet surprise.


Think about using your ingredients in new and interesting ways to impress your friends at the next dinner party you host.


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Is Healthcare Advertising Worth It For Your Small Medical Practice?



Owning a business not only requires hard work but it requires expertise and a strong idea about how to advertise. Many with medical practices have plenty of experience running the day to day operations but lack the necessary knowledge in marketing themselves properly to potential clients. For this reason, many third party advertising companies exist ready to take on your challenges and turn them into opportunities. Is healthcare advertising worth it for your small medical practice?


  1. Long term savings


Deciding to outsource your marketing to a qualified company can save you money in the long term. Launching advertising and customer relations campaigns are expensive and require a justifiable return on investment. If you are uncertain about the results, it does not make sense to invest heavily. Saving money requires calculated investments that yield results over the long run. By trying to save money and do it yourself, you may end up spending more overall.


  1. Potential income from strong branding


Another strength in contracting out your healthcare advertising is the potential income you can create with a strengthened brand. Only the strongest brands can get away without a periodic retooling or rebranding and even those companies must stay up to date with the needs of their customers and adapt to stay relevant. A good advertising company can be seen as a long term investment in what could potential be seen as a very profitable brand.


  1. Stronger customer relations


Marketing teams will not only connect customers to your business and strengthen your brand, but they will also connect you with the marketplace overall. Being in the loop will allow you to pioneer new services, products, and ideas that may create further value in your small practice.


Take control of your small practice’s future and invest in quality advertising for your business.


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3 Tips To Turn Around A Floundering Relationship With Your Ad Agency



Small businesses today have both advantages and disadvantages in this connected global marketplace. While globalization and the internet have brought customers and businesses together by allowing more specialized companies with their products and services to thrive, it has also created brutal competition. In this climate it is important for businesses to depend on a trusted advertising agency. At times the relationship between them and the business can get rocky, but if it is a good match, it is worth putting in effort. Here are 3 tips to turn around a floundering relationship with your advertising agency.


  1. Agree on a scope of work agreement.


An Austin advertising agency known for its precision in planning a proper schedule and creating detailed scope of work agreements, always gauges the success of campaigns by looking at the the input and effort of the managing directors and CEO’s involvements in the initial process. Basically, sitting down together and creating a large scale plan tends to work much better. By agreeing on a scope of work plan, opportunities for miscommunications are minimized.


  1. Be open to diversified opinions


There is a benefit to outsourcing advertising, it allows for a detached and more objective perspective that can sometimes be a huge asset in the business world. Businesses are people’s lives and dreams. Sometimes this blinds management into always making rash decisions instead of considering other perspectives. By having an open mind and considering different marketing solutions, business directors may find avenues and strategies they had not considered that are successful.


  1. Use data to confirm ideas


Data can tell you a lot about how a business is operating underneath the surface of the basic perspective. An advertising agency will use data to test ideas and sample the market before going live on a large scale. Utilizing the expertise and data skills can save money in the long run and uncover lucrative angles.


Don’t let your advertising relationship suffer, use these 3 steps to get back on track and back in business.


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Finding A Good Company Is Easier With These 5 Tips

good company


Today, consumers have more power in the marketplace than they have had in the past . Due to increased competition, the rise of social media and ratings websites, cell phone apps, and other methods of communication, businesses have to work harder than ever to find and keep customers.  As a result, you have long standing companies who pride themselves on great products and services as well as their relationship with the customer. Companies strive to become industry leaders by outputting excellence year after year. However, some companies are simply out to capitalize on quick trends and make as much money as possible before closing down. They hit the scene quickly, offer similar products for dramatically lower prices, and seem to be too good to be true. How can you steer clear and make sure you only do business with an established business? Here are some things to look for in good companies.


  1. Good companies have a history.


Not every company can be the next Coca-cola or Johnson and Johnson. But even newer companies should have a positive history when they are researched. Were they pioneers in their field or the first to come out with a particular app or product? From the inception of that business you should be able to find a story that adds up to build the current legacy of that company.


  1. Good companies follow great business practices.


What are good business practices? A business should start by accurately representing themselves to their customers. They should be honest about what services they provide, be clear in their business transactions, offer their services for a fair price and stick to that pricing, as well as delivering on their promises. Any broken promises or issues should be resolved quickly.


  1. Good companies have strong market dominance.


If a company provides a good product or service and follows good business practices they will be rewarded with financial success and some form of dominance in their business market. Even in a crowded marketplace where other quality companies compete for businesses, having a particular niche could give them a leg up.


  1. Good companies have a specific niche.


A niche is a specific role that is filled by a business. If a company is really in tune with its customers it should be able to identify at least a few areas that differentiate it from other businesses. Becoming an expert in one or many particular areas allows the company to flourish more than it would if it continued with a general focus. Branching out an offering a truly unique customer experience by fulfilling a niche is another one of the things to look for in good company.


  1. Good companies leave behind great experiences.


Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. When someone you trust tells you they trust a business, that confidence is immediately transferred to you- the next consumer. Good companies leave behind an overall trail of happy customers who are more than willing to talk about their positive experiences.


Make sure you look for these traits before choosing to spend your hard earned money on a service or product.


To learn more about things to look for in a good company, click here.


5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Health Care Brand


In today’s health care system, customers are demanding more services and products than ever before. Due to technological advances, medical breakthroughs, and advances in the health care and hospital industry, people now have a huge variety of choices when choosing a health care provider. Competition has never been as fierce as it is these days and all this in a changing market as political policies and laws are debated and enacted. The way a company can manage to stay profitable and weather the changes is the same way other companies have done so in the past- grow and change. In the health care industry it is important to have a strong brand and to evolve. These are the 5 signs its time to update your health care branding.


  1. Loss of market share and customers


If you can see a clear loss in the market share the loyalty and perception of your customer has already fallen to a new low. At this point it is necessary to recognize the changes needed in your healthcare branding and begin taking action to fix it.


  1. Inconsistency in results


Use data to your advantage. If your in-house data team cannot seem to make sense of the trends the data is pointing to, then you are having inconsistent and random results with your current marketing plan. Find an advertising company that can help tailor your advertising and use data to trace and manage consistent results.


  1. A drop in value of products and services.


Excellent marketing should increase the value of services and products offered by creating perceptions of quality and enhancing the emotional attachment of your brand to your customers. If you notice your customer base switching over to competitors, you are clearly in need of rethinking your existing advertising plan.


  1. Eroded brand recognition


Customers can usually intuitively recognize good health care branding and understand what it stands for simply by seeing a logo or hearing a tagline. This strong recognition is a valuable and powerful asset that allows the core message of your business to get through. When drastic changes in the business occur, it is important to communicate with your customers through branding. A good advertising campaign can keep your messaging on point.


  1. Loss of profits


This one is a no brainer. When you are not in alignment with the aforementioned points your bottom line will suffer. While it may seem counter intuitive to tighten your belt during these rough times, diverting funds to a high quality advertising push can be just what you need to get profits rolling in again.


If you are noticing a loss in business or can’t keep your customers up to date with what your brand stands for, you may need to hire well trusted and quality professionals to get your branding back to where it needs to be.


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The 5 Essential Elements Of Any Successful Business Marketing Strategy


Marketing strategies are the deciding factor among the businesses that continue to grow and succeed and businesses that stagnate and eventually fail. In our current business climate, it is absolutely pivotal to the long term growth of a business to properly utilize advertising agencies and proper marketing strategy. While there are many different strategies and concepts to be aware of regarding business marketing strategy, here are 5 essential elements to be aware of.

1.Creating a strong product or service

In order for the creative talent of an advertising agency to be able to do their job, they need a good product or service to start with. It seems like common sense, but many businesses throw all the bells and whistles of expensive marketing and advertising campaigns on products or service that simply don’t hold weight on their own. Once you have fine tuned and refined what you have to offer your customers, the opportunities for creative ideas and effective campaigns increase exponentially. So, start with a great product or service first!

2.Understanding your marketing and advertising needs

This seems like another no brainer right? Well you would be surprised at how many businesses jump into advertising and marketing campaigns without clearly identifying where they fit into the market. They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, and while this may not always be the case when businesses rebrand or reinvent themselves, if you want to save money and have effective advertising you must have a clear idea of what your needs are.

3.Creating a comprehensive scope of work agreement

Once you have a strong product/service and after you have an idea of what your marketing and advertising needs are, the next step is creating a scope of work agreement. This SOW (for short) is basically an outline the defines what the client needs and is contracting the advertising agency for. This document includes the strategies that will be implemented along with, timelines, pricing, milestones, quality requirements, and more. Spending time creating a comprehensive SOW can help ensure more successful marketing and advertising campaign execution.

4.Verifying results with data

In todays technological world there are endless companies and software that exist solely to take the mind numbing data that is created in the business marketplace and extrapolate patterns and truths from them. Any marketing/advertising agency that is not utilizing data to guide their strategies in todays data driven world, is likely to fail. Use data to verify the effectiveness of your business marketing strategies.

5.Positioning your brand accurately

Once your marketing campaign begins to do its job it is important to continue to position your band accurately. What this means, in a nut shell, is that advertising and marketing campaigns can jumpstart your messaging and connection with your customers, but it is up to the overall long term strategy to keep the momentum going and allow the business to continue to grow and stay relevant in the market.

The world of business is changing at break neck speeds. Using these 5 essential concepts and strategies may help your business marketing strategy succeed!

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5 Signs Your Health Care Marketing is Missing the Mark


Many health care businesses are having difficulty keeping up with all the changes in the industry. Customer preferences are changing fast, and keeping up with the infrastructure and market changes while maintaining a favorable brand image is becoming harder by the day. Your marketing is how you connect and communicate with your customer base. If you are struggling, likely there are some strategies that are outdated or clearly not working. Here are 5 signs your health care marketing is missing the mark.


  1. Weak brand name recognition.

Customers should be able to recognize your brand and what you stand for simply by seeing your logo or hearing your tagline. Strong brand recognition is a powerful and valuable asset that strengthens the core messaging of your business.


  1. Customers no longer understand what you stand for.

Along with weak brand recognition, comes weak messaging and communications. Perhaps your customers are unclear about what differentiates you from the competition. The best branding concisely and easily sends the right message so your market is in the know about where you stand with your products and services. Your company mission and the benefits and features of our service and products should be integrated into all aspects of your business.


  1. Loss of value associated with your products or services.

Great marketing should increase the value of your products and services due to perceived quality and enhances emotional attachment. If you find that your customer base is switching to other competitors it is a clear sign that your marketing campaign is not reaching its intended target.


  1. Inconsistent results.

Is your data and analytical team having a hard time deciphering what all the trends and information mean? Inconsistent results means that you don’t have a marketing plan in place that is having a strong effect on your intended customer base. Data is a great tool for objective decision making. It doesn’t lie!


  1. Loss of market share and customers.

By the time you can see the loss in your market share your customer loyalty has already plummeted. It is time to rethink your advertising and marketing strategies and revitalize your business.

If any of these signs show up in your business, consider the real possibility that your health care marketing is missing the mark. Hiring a well trusted and results driven team can make all the difference between a floundering business and an industry leader.

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